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Southside Hummerzines pride ourselves on having the most unique stretched Hummers in the UK. We aim to give complete customer satisfaction by providing you with a 5* service second to none. From the first contact you have with us up until the time you have to leave we guarantee that you will have had one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.

Our Black 200" H2 6 Wheeler features

* 6 LCD Television Screens   * A superb 2000W sound system  with MP3 player  * DVD player   * Laser lights  * Strobe lights

 * Disco Floor  * Three Champagne bars * Neon Lights  * Full Length Mirrored Pin Dot Ceiling *

All our Hummers have been fitted with all the safety features you would expect from a limousine. All seats are fitted with seat belts.

Whichever Hummer you choose it will be an experience you will never forget

 TEL:    07970 755559